Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings everyone, another year is approaching quickly. I would as always like to thank my clients for their continued support. I have enjoyed this year’s projects I have had the privilege of designing courses, training directors and Trustees, writing the odd WordPress website, writing a huge amount of policy and consulting on organisational issues.

season greetings

I have also taught myself how to use Advanced Custom Fields, any number of other WordPress Plugins, I have also made three quilts, cooked countless meals for friends and neighbours, taught a few people to use Zoom and other online tools. I have helped run countless activities in my local park to which has been wonderful, incidentally, I stood down from the Friends of Fog Lane Park committee a couple of weeks ago after serving for just over 3 years as their Park Secretary. I will continue to walk my neighbour’s dog Peggy in the park :).

I have helped support the Freelance Communities I am part of, and feel lucky to have such strong supportive people around me, it has been a privilege to work with many of you over the past few years.

I am thankful for friends, board games (mostly online), life, family and work, yes work!

There have been ups and downs throughout the past year what with the pandemic and life, but I am still here and mostly positive.

The purple tree (reduced from Paperchase a few years ago) is up with my mermaid topper, there will be a break of a week or so, with friends, walks, food, wine and joy.

Might be looking for a green aka ‘grown-up’ fake Christmas tree in the sales.

Thank you all, see you in the new year.

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