COVID-19: I am aware of this very serious virus, and like many of us I am at home, I am still working not being able to take the Governmental funding provided due to starting as a freelancer in June 2019. If you have anything you would like help with please do get in contact.

Hi, I am Hugo Finley, a freelancer who solves problems and works on projects whether routine or inspiring, I help for-profit and not-for-profit organisations and individuals. I do this both on my own, and with the help of other freelancers and agencies.

Helping you make sense while seeing the bigger picture is how I work. I am a strategic thinker often used by clients as their sounding board during serious conversations about how to grow their business, I ask the hard questions.

I help organisations in a mixture of ways, from exploring original ideas through to helping draw up specifications for website and database development. I write policies, facilitate workshops, organise and budget events & conferences. Contact Me.

I have found him to be a hard-working, highly capable and dependable member of the team. Beyond his original remit, Hugo took the initiative to bring his extensive experience to policy definition and has made major contributions to the shape and direction of the organisation.

Dave Mee Director MadLab

I primarily live and work in Manchester, a wonderful city that has become a home to me.

picture on Manchester Central Library