Unlock Democracy

Internal policy review and general advice on recruiting staff, producing and using a staff handbook to educated directors and staff, and GDPR Privacy policy review.


Unlock Democracy is a London based not-for-profit company that campaigns for a vibrant, inclusive democracy that puts power in the hands of the people. I worked with the Director Tom Brake and Shaun Roberts the Head of Campaigns and Digital.


Unlock Democracy asked me to review their internal employment and privacy policy and make recommendations for changes and rewrite sections. Having an in-depth knowledge of company practices for not-for-profit organisations, I was also able to improve the staff onboarding processes and documentation. I helped with other policies including recommending the creation of a staff handbook that will be shared with the directors. This will help the directors also understand their responsibilities to their staff as well as promote good practice within the organisation as a whole.


Often it is hard for not-for-profit companies as they are not governed by the charities commission and yet in many ways they have the same type of structure and goals. Organisations that lobby the government for change are not allowed to be charities.

The Campaigning and political activity guidance for charities (CC9) is worth a read, but basically, Charities have to be set up for charitable purposes only.

Final Note

The Unlock Democracy team were a joy to work with and I look forward to working with them in the future should they require any further help.

Skills Used

Research, Administration, Charity Consulting, Policy Writing, Consulting, GDPR

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