A Freelance Journey

After leaving my previous full-time role, I was pondering what to do next, applying for roles with charities and organisations. I was feeling like I needed some direction and decided to splash out on some coaching from Michelle at Dive Deeper Development who I met through Freelance Folk a group I attend every Friday.

Although my original approach was to get a traditional job, I started being approached by agencies and charities to do consulting work and like any sensible person, I thought “well, while I am out of work that will create some income until I get one of the jobs I have applied for”.

Months have past and I am now a committed freelancer, my mum worries about me constantly but I have a fairly stable income. I am working for a mixture of interesting clients (hopefully more on them later), I have sorted out my insurance, business bank account and all those little things at you don’t have to think about when you are gainfully employed by someone else.

I am happier than I have been for years, sleeping better and coming into contact with new and interesting people constantly. There will always be small annoying things but on balance I am so pleased the fear of being freelance did not stop me from trying something new.

Photo of Hugo Finley
Hugo Finley Freelancer

So here I am, Hugo Finley the accidental freelancer, and I am happy.

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