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The Project

Collaboratively working with Edmund Sutcliffe at Considrd Consulting on a course called ‘Content Filtering and Legal Implications within the EU’ based around what is illegal content, and how organisations should deal with it internally and externally. We have delivered a couple of constructive workshops to IT suppliers who support a country’s entire educational IT infrastructure.

“It was a useful training course and I could relate the material to some of the services my Company has and potential issues regarding content”


Building bespoke courses with Edmund is something we hope to do more of, we have a wealth of knowledge and also the ability to work with other people in our networks on a mixture of informative talks. If you want to do the Content Filtering and Legal Implications within the EU talk contact GuruTeam. If you want us to write and present a bespoke course contact us.

To read more about this project please read this blog post.

Skills Used

Consulting, Course Creation

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