Policy Services

I review, edit and write policy for a mixture of organisations. Helping clients stay compliant and understand the responsibilities that go with good governance.

I am putting the love back into policy. At its best policy needs to be understandable, accessible and the voice of your organisation.

Data Governance

Helping navigate GDPR and data protection legislation. Giving my clients insight into the murky world of GDPR and privacy policy. Making it easy to understand for the organisation I work with and their customers and members.

I produce Privacy policies for client websites and internal use, and help staff teams, directors and Trustees, understand the importance of getting data protection right from day one.

personal data GDPR
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Staff and Trustee Handbooks

Writing staff handbooks and templates for clients, this includes writing employment policy or advising third party software to manage this for you. 

Reviewing, Writing and Editing Policy

Using my experience in technical writing to improve and make your documentation more understandable for its target audience, be it customers, clients, staff, volunteers, directors or Trustees.

Does your documentation have your organisations voice, policy should at its best be accessible, readable and reflect the organisation.

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