How I Help

Identifying organisational issues is key to improving your organisation’s growth and future strategy. My aim is to provide cost-effective innovative solutions.

I do this by providing a service myself, or by using one of the many freelancers or specialist agencies I have access to, this will contribute to your organisation’s success.

Services I Provide

  • Consultancy
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Succession Planning
  • Web development (WordPress)
  • Management/Supporting Communities
  • Bookkeeping/accounting
  • Skill Training
  • Event management
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Data management
  • Governance and Policy (including home working policy)
  • Member/Volunteer Recruitment
  • Communications (including Zoom/Skype training)
  • Specialist in membership-based charities and organisations
  • Access to Work Support Work and Applications

After over fifteen years of cultivating an active national network of talented freelancers who are specialists in their given fields, I am able to find the answers your organisation requires to provide solutions or solve identified problems.

I am a problem solver, my key skills are in identifying issues and problems within an organisation and finding innovative solutions. I have recently been a Thought Wrangler (their title) acting as a preliminary Operations Manager for a collaborative technology developer based in Media City.

Research: My work is based on years of experience in a mixture of sectors and meticulous research into best practice. 

Solution: I pride myself in coming up with creative solutions for any number of issues, at any level of a business or organisation. Rarely do I find that I am unable to help, it has happened but I do pride myself on being able to point you in the right direction to solve a given issue if it is beyond my scope or of the professionals I work with.

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