Charity Consulting

With over 20 years of experience with charities, I have a deep understanding of Charity law, including compliance for the Charities Commission. I have been a Trustee, employee and volunteer and therefore know the importance of keeping people at the centre of any charity,

I have acted as a stand-in operations manager while charities have recruited to fill this role. I help charities effectively deliver to their goals by implementing good administration and financial systems, succession planning, running workshops, writing policy and planning for the future.

Workshops and Sessions

I find running workshops with staff, Trustees and volunteers enable organisations to grow and have shared ownership over decisions made. Helping strengthen relationships between team members who are involved in the running of charities with those who oversee their work.


Charities need to be able to track all their income and outgoings. It is especially important to be able to track donations from the day they come in, to the day they are spent. I have helped multiple charities set up their financial systems, and enabled them to become more stable as a result. I have a number of accountants in my ‘black book’ who also work with charities using a mixture of different software packages to help with keeping everything organised.

Website Development

I have extensive experience in project managing website (WordPress) design projects for charities, both hiring freelancers and agencies to complete work. I have been involved in building membership and event sites, eCommerce sites and more simple brochure websites for charities and other organisations.


It may be seen as a boring part of any charity but having the correct policy in place enables charities to plan and anticipate their needs. I have experience of helped charities write and explore policy:

  • employment documentation
  • staff handbooks
  • data protection policy (inc. GDPR)
  • forming/editing of the constitution
  • volunteer policy
  • grievance procedures
  • financial policy
  • strategic plans (short/long term)
  • operational policy
  • health and safety policy
  • specialist in membership-based charities

I am not a lawyer, I do not give legal advice. However, I have good experience of best practice regarding policy and documentation gained from helping Trustees write policy and governance documentation.

Planning For The Future

I have facilitated sessions for Trustees, staff and volunteers on charitable strategic goals. Helping evaluate funding goals and future plans. These sessions might take the form of a day of activities including exploring questions, practical excises, blue sky thinking workshops.

These workshops lead to producing short and long term strategic plans, and helping volunteers and staff see the bigger picture in regards to the future of the charities they work for.

Contact Me if you would like to discuss planning a workshop, producing any organisational documentation or just for a chat.